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Spendo Pro

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Spendo is a transaction manager for personal use both private and at work. It helps you to keep track on your expenses. It is also multi-language and multi-currency. The advanced profile feature can you keep track of your expenses for several accounts simultaneously. Data safety is ensured by Dropbox backup. Re-use and integration of data is handled via the export function to Microsoft Excel.FEATURES• Add, edit, delete and categorize transactions. The transactions have names and optional comments.• Auto-completion of Transaction names.• Add, edit and delete categories.• Enter amounts in any currency. • Automatic currency conversions (exchange rates from Google Finance). Conversion is to your selected standard currency.• Exchange rates from Google Finance.• Easy monthly or weekly summation.• Transactions with a future date will automatically be added on the specified date.• Pie chart illustrating the totaled expenses of Categories.• Available in English, German and Swedish.• Password protection.• Profiles, completely separate files with expenses within Spendo (Pro).• Copy profile, creating a new profile with the same Categories and settings (Pro).• Dropbox backup, upload your files to Dropbox so you never lose them (Pro).• Restore data from Dropbox (Pro).• Repeat a transaction, daily / weekly / monthly (Pro).• Split a transaction into several and spread them out daily, weekly or monthly (Pro).• Export to Microsoft Excel via e-mail for storage or further analysis (Pro).• Unlimited number of transactions (Pro).
USE SPENDO ON A TRIPYou are going on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey to see the city and buy clothes.• Create a profile for the trip, preferably by copying the existing travel profile.• Add all expenses related to the trip such as plane tickets, hotels, food and shopping under appropriate categories. You can choose to enter the amounts in Turkish lira (TRY) or in your own, Spendo will convert it to your own automatically. • Spendo will make it easy to keep track of both the expenditure by category and total.• When you get home can you either generate an Excel report or just add the total to your regular profile.
USE SPENDO IN A PROJECT You are assigned as Project Manager to a new project. Your company has a complex business system not supporting your need for timely and clear follow-ups by project. • Create a profile for the project, preferably by copying an existing project profile with categories adapted to the needs of your company.• Add all expenses related to the project such as hardware, services, inter-company support and sub-contractors. Note that you can select to enter actual costs or future costs. • Also add your own and your colleagues work-hours in its own category.• Use the export function and possibly refine the data in Microsoft Excel.